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The Skin Apothecary ... Pure and Natural Beauty for 25 years

The Skin Apothecary has been giving women personalized and private skin care therapy, assessment and luxury for more than 25 years. Beginning as a small private skin care studio, Tracey Burrill and her mother Elizabeth Brokaw specialized in bringing the art of makeup and the European vision of natural skin care to women in their homes. These small skin clinics were in such high demand that the vision of Tracey and her mother grew into a salon studio in Sudbury, Massachusetts and later Westborough and Brewster on Cape Cod.  

Herb BottlesTracey studied with David Nicholas in makeup design including extensive work with burn victims and became highly skilled in corrective makeup. Joining forces with the research lab developed by Dr. Paul Cain who taught herbal science and chemistry in Germany, The Skin Apothecary began to provide the first products available that were natural and focused on the organic nature of the skin. At that time and even today there are many ingredients in American skin care products that are unnecessary and even damaging, marketed often as very expensive and exclusive treatments. Skin CreamTheirs was the first skin care line to focus on the skin as living tissue and each product as a way of maintaining the elasticity, smooth texture and tone of the skin, well into later years.

The amazing natural treatments that emerged from The Skin Apothecary gave birth to an entire botanical boutique that were custom created for the personalized therapies that were first used in the early years of the skin clinics at home that made Tracey and her mother famous. The Skin Apothecary ProductsThese custom botanicals have never contained perfumes, dyes, artificial colors, mineral oil, phosphates, formaldehyde or lanolin and have never involved animal testing. And each and every product can bring about such a dramatic change that clients of The Skin Apothecary have continued to be devoted to their advice and therapy since the beginning.

After years of caring for women and their skin throughout Massachusetts, Elizabeth retired to Cape Cod, and Tracey has carried the natural philosophy and personal focus to her new Skin Care Retreat in Mendon. The Skin Apothecary Skin Care Retreat continues to provide a lush line of unique skin creams, gels, cleansers and conditioning treatments by mail and therapies that are not just skin deep. By bringing out the natural timeless beauty in every woman, these amazing skin specialists also bring out the beauty from within.

The Skin Apothecary Makeup StationBy continuing to maintain the most affordable prices possible for their products and treatments, The Skin Apothecary has made natural skin care something that every woman can experience and blend into her daily life. Tracey and her mother have always believed that every woman should have the opportunity to have her own personal consultant and the most effective skin care regime for her individual skin, without having to pay elite spa prices or wait for a special occasion to treat herself.

The door of the Skin Apothecary opens to reveal a relaxing, peaceful, private atmosphere of sweet lavender and a heavenly hint of botanicals to come, all within a place as warm and inviting as the old-fashioned corner drugstore of its name. And the warmth, care and personal attention that was the essence of the original home clinics is still the cornerstone of this incredible woman’s sanctuary.

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